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"Lifestyle Studio is established in 2015. The purpose and mission behind this venture is to provide knowledge and practice good nutrition. We in this fast life don’t have time to eat. We have running lifestyle from kid to old which has affected our health".

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No Starving its Losing with eating

There is a myth, you have to skip your meal for weight loss but actually you can lose better while eating as skipping meals or having bigger gaps results in more weight / fat gain.

No fancy diet only Healthy diet

Your diet should be healthy which can be continued for your lifetime.

No excessive expense on your food

Weight loss or weight gain should be pocket friendly not required to take any special commodity for it. As any special commodity is only a part in weight loss or weight gain journey so can’t be continued for longer period.

No Compromise on your likes and dislikes.

What you like and dislike matters a lot and plays a vital role for weight loss or gain journey. As suppressing your likes and dislikes will burst out a day and you will end up gaining for weight and fat. We help you to loose and gain as per your choices.

No herbalife products

We never suggest any herbalife products only natural and regular diets. as herbalife products can affect your kidney in long run.

No gymming required

Gymming is not feasible for everyone as everyone has different pattern of working and can’t be continued for longer period. Also it not pocket friendly that’s why We never Suggest for gymming.

No Medications

We never suggest any medications for Weight loss or weight Gain or any clinical disorder. It is your food that helps you better with side effects.

Our R​eview's 

Weight Loss

November 26, 2023

“Great dietitian! Effective guidance and support.


Weight gain

September 11, 2023

I wanted to express my gratitude for your exceptional guidance and support in my journey to gain weight. Your expertise and personalized diet plans were instrumental in helping me achieve my goal. Your understanding of my situation, considering my hostel life and office timings, made the process manageable and effective.

Your honesty and professionalism in advising against an unhealthy 5 kg weight gain goal in a month truly showed your commitment to my well-being. Instead, achieving a healthy 3 kg gain has not only improved my BMI but also boosted my energy levels significantly.

Thank you for your dedication and for being a crucial part of my success. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to make positive changes in their health and nutrition.

Mrinmayee mane

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