Weight Loss is Not Magic

  • You need to understand that weight loss is not magic. First, you need to understand the reason and analyze the cause. Then you can work on it. Here, we will discuss simple reasons for weight gain.
  • New job or moving to a new place: New locations can bring sudden weight gain. The new location brings changes in your regular food choices as well as cooking patterns. Maybe a new job is more sitting, No proper facility for home food. Eating outside can be a reason.
  • Marriage or relationship: Hormonal changes may also bring weight gain.
    You start eating with your partner as your partner loves to eat. We tend to eat more in company.
  • Depression, Breakups, Loneliness: Food can also be a reason to satisfy our emotions. We mostly like to eat fried food or sweets when we are stressed. And this may lead to weight gain
  • Clinical conditions – Diabetes, Thyroid: Due to clinical conditions, metabolic rate decreases, and people gain weight. So clinical conditions like PCOD, Thyroid, and Diabetes also lead to weight gain.
  • Other factors that contribute to weight gain are –
  • Sleep: Low sleep also leads to weight gain.
  • Exercise: less physical activity leads to weight gain.

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