Oil tacticts that will help you win

  • Saturated fatty acids can be hazardous to one’s health, particularly when considering Indian cuisine.
  • We see this, especially in Indian cooking.
  • They need combinations of oils as per their use for frying and cooking on high smoking points. Refined oils are the better choice for frying.
  • Prefer refined oil with b fatty acids.
  • Filtered or Kacchi Ghani oil can be used for greasing or cooking with polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Quality represents the stage drama, whereas quantity is the behind-the-scenes performance.
  • So, not just quality, we need to work on quantity also.
  • Heart disease is not the result of only quality but quantity.
  • So, it should be 500-750 ml per person per month.
  • We are excluding children under the age of 10 from the discussion.
  • Various oil combinations are acceptable, but it’s advisable not to blend oils in a home setting.
  • You can employ one type of oil for cooking one dish or vegetable and another for a different dish or vegetable.
  • Rice Bran and Safflower or Rice Bran and Sunflower are a few good combinations available in the market.
  • Choose an oil that is cost-effective, accessible, and aligns with your personal taste preferences.

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